Wilson Blx Six One Tour pas cher

Wilson WRT71051U3

Wilson wrt71051u3 six.one 95 blx raquette de tennis

Weight : Vous le savez probablement ; 332 gbalance: 305mmstringing pattern : Oui 16 x 18length :  685mmbeam: Vous le savez probablement 22mm. In.

Wilson WRT71061U2

Wilson wrt71061u2 six.one 95 blx raquette de tennis

Weight : 332 gbalance: 305mmstringing pattern : 18 x 20length :  685mmbeam: 22mm. In. Concrètement crisper feel combined with traditional design ; updated with amplifeel for a more responsive. Wilson six one 95 blx 18/20  unstrung another wilson legend that has earned more tour titles than any other racket.

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