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The Doctor's Heart

The doctor's heart cure: beyond the modern myths

Détail : classification habituelle du bien : En fait ; broché. Assurément la référence ean reste 9780938045656. Néanmoins le bien reste typé dragon door publications,u.s.

Real Battles, Real

Real battles, real dragons

Vous le savez probablement ; husbands need to read this book. Dès lors i had no idea how long it would be before my wife would be consumed by the dragon ; we trudged forth in battle together; confronted the dragon with courage and perseverance; lost most of the skirmishes; our valor was never questioned; and on this 21std day of 1996. Certes ; a scant three months after our wedding in october 1989 ; the cancer appeared in early january of 1990. C'est certain but it is supported by observation ; this causation is my own opinion. Oui ; the life threatening asthma was brought on by surgical decisions and silicone gel implants. Dès lors ; debbie had been engaged in this seemingly fruitless battle with breast cancer for five years. I was ill-prepared emotionally and intellectually for the circumstances we faced. This book is written from a husband's view.

Training to Hold

Training to hold the skies, enfant t-shirt imprimé

Enfant t-shirt imprimé ; training to hold the skies

Getting Better at

Getting better at getting people better: creating

Certes, the book also discusses the practitioner's self-understanding and self-healing work as a vital part of becoming a better provider of health and healing and karrasch presents a model of communication focused on recognising which of four centers both practitioners and their clients operate from to strength ties between healing partners.revealing the fundamentals of effective practice drawn from a wide range of therapies this book provides practical advice as well as points of reflection for all those seeking to deepen their therapeutic practice.

The Compassionate

The compassionate practitioner: how to create

Par le fait as well as art ; this will be a valued support for students and professionals working in a wide range of complementary and alternative therapies. Assurément ; it is full of practical advice about everything from creating the right ambience in the therapy room to maintaining a positive attitude through self-reflection.

Training to Hold

Training to hold the skies, mesdames t-shirt imprimé

Mesdames t-shirt imprimé ; training to hold the skies

Training to Hold

Training to hold the skies, hoodie imprimé - bleu/transfert

Training to hold the skies

Training to Hold

Training to hold the skies, imprimé des hommes

Imprimé des hommes t-shirt ; training to hold the skies

Training to Hold

Training to hold the skies, imprimé bébé grandir

Imprimé bébé grandir ; training to hold the skies

Training to Hold

Training to hold the skies, enfants imprimé à

Enfants imprimé à capuche ; training to hold the skies

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